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About AeroVironment

Who is AeroVironment?

More than 20 years ago the idea of a practical electric car was a twinkle in the eye of Paul MacCready, AV's founder and inventor of the first successful human powered airplane. After developing the Sunraycer, a solar-powered race car that beat its competitors in a race across Australia by more than 2 days, Dr. MacCready and his team proposed a radical idea to General Motors: develop an electric car that was a practical alternative to gas-powered cars. GM liked the idea, and hired AV to develop a prototype. Soon after, the first practical electric car, the GM Impact, was born. AV spent the next two decades developing electric and hybrid-electric vehicle concepts for customers, and creating charging systems and test systems designed to make EVs and EV charging more practical.

Today AV is a leading supplier of high-power test systems used by automakers and advanced battery manufacturers to develop the next generation of electric vehicles, as well as electric vehicle charging stations. AV's industrial charging systems reliably power thousands of heavy-duty electric forklifts every day, making workplaces safer and more productive. We also supply portable, electric-powered unmanned aircraft that have changed the way military ground forces operate.

At AV, we believe that innovative new ideas can help improve people's lives.



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