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A common misconception is that electric vehicles are limited by their range and are therefore impractical. In fact, the average American drives 25 to 35 miles per day. Pure battery electric vehicles feature battery capacity that can range from less than 100 miles to 250 miles, depending on conditions. This means that a typical driver who commutes 30 miles per day might fuel up the EV like this:

8:00 am: Unplug fully charged car from home charging station and drive to work
8:30 am: Get to work
12:00 pm: Drive a few miles to lunch
1:00 pm: Drive back to the office
6:00 pm: Leave the office
6:30 pm: Run a quick errand
7:30 pm: Get home, plug in to home charging station

An EV driver with a 100 mile range will have only depleted 30% of his or her battery capacity by 7:30 pm (30 mile commute / 100 mile capacity = 30%).  Because the battery is only partially depleted, the driver may only need to plug in for an hour or so to get the capacity back up to its full 100-mile range, depending on conditions.

Home charging systems like the AV EVSE-RS Home Charging Station, shuts off automatically, so the driver can just plug in and forget about the car. When the battery is fully charged, the system will shut itself off and “sleep” safely until morning, drawing only minimal power for running the LEDs on the interface.

For the population of drivers with commutes exceeding 100 miles or 200 miles per day, or EV drivers who want to plan for a long road trip, public and workplace charging infrastructure will be available in the cities, along travel corridors, workplaces, and retail developments.



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