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Charging starts at the home - but convenient solutions for the workplace, between cities, and public venues such as shopping malls make EVs even more practical.

Charging at Home

Home charging will be the most prevalent "refueling" regimen for EV drivers. Home Charging Stations like AV's EVSE-RS are mounted on the garage wall, or outside in a car port or driveway on a pedestal. Drivers charge overnight while they sleep and enjoy downtime at home. Charging stations are also available for apartment and condo dwellers. A Home Charging Station typically takes from 3 to 8 hours to recharge a fully depleted battery, depending on the battery's size and other conditions.

Charging at the Mall, Restaurant, or Work

Charging Stations are made for opportunistic charging – "filling up" while you're engaging in another activity. Drivers can plug in while shopping or working, instead of waiting at the gas pump.

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"Public" Charging In-City or Along Corridors

A different kind of charging station will be made available for charging in urban areas within the city, or along highway corridors. These charging stations are designed to charge quickly – in minutes instead of hours – so wait time is minimized. Fast Charge Stations like AV's EV250 are designed to be reliable, safe, secure, and easy to use.

Fleet Charging

Fleets like delivery and repair vehicles have their own unique requirements. There are fleets with known routes, long routes, very little downtime, many stops, or fewer stops. The Charging Stations can either be centralized in a fleet yard where the vehicles park, or along a route. AV's Charging Stations are being deployed to support electric buses, major utilities, and automakers.



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