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Home EV Charging Stations

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Welcome to the filling station of the future

Our Home Charging Station model EVSE-RS charges your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) while you sleep, enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family. Featuring a standardized connector, the EVSE-RS is designed to be compatible with EVs and PHEVs from all major automakers. EVSE-RS is weatherized for both indoor and outdoor installation in garages, carports or driveways.

Home EV Charging Station


Welcome to our electric vehicle (EV) Charging Station line - the system of safe and reliable electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that turns your garage into a personal filling station. Imagine “fueling” your car while you sleep, enjoy a meal, or spend time at home or at work. Our base model EVSE-RS and smart charge model EVSE-RS+ recharge your car while you recharge your life.

You’ll be pleased to learn that your personal electric filling station is easy to use. The EV Charging Station mounts on to your garage wall near your parked electric car - or, if you prefer, we can pedestal mount the charger if you are in the habit of parking your car in an area where a wall isn’t nearby. A green light will tell you it’s ready to charge. A blinking light tells you it’s charging. When it’s done, it stops automatically. You can plug in and unplug at any time, safely and securely - it’s that simple.

Turnkey Installation
The Home Charging Station can be installed by one of our certified licensed electrical contractors who also perform diagnostics to verify installation, facilitate permitting and inspection, and conduct on-site customer orientation and training.**

Welcome to:

Automatic short circuit shut off
Automatic ground fault shut off
Protection against “live power”
Cable breakaway system
Weather-resistant to withstand a variety of outdoor conditions
Power surge protection

Technology based on more than 20 years of charging expertise
Compliance with widely recognized connector standards
EVSE-RS - Underwriters Laboratory listed
3-year standard on-site warranty (parts and labor)*
ADA compliant installation

Fast, safe, turnkey installation
Expanding nationwide network of certified and licensed electricians**
Local electrical contractor expertise
Electrical permit and inspection facilitation
Next-business-day service and support in most cases***
24-hour customer support

Toll free: (888) 833-2148

* Warranty limitations and exclusions apply. Contact AV for additional information and details.
** Installation services available in certain areas; contact AV for additional information.
*** Where available; contact AV for additional information.


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