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Product Design


We employ a highly skilled, dedicated team of engineers and technology specialists for rapid prototyping for automotive, aerospace, and government customers including NASA, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy. Innovation, rapid response, and a close working relationship with our customers are defining characteristics of AV’s technology team.

Vehicle Integration

AV’s Battery Management System (BMS) and Energy System Controller (ESC) are used extensively in energy system pack development in EV and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. AV maintains an advanced fabrication facility where we produce prototype mechanical and electronic components and perform the installation of these components into candidate vehicles and systems.

Patented Technologies Integrate with Your Products

From a company with seven vehicles in the Smithsonian, it’s not surprising that AV has several patents that support the advancement of electric vehicles, and the success of your business. Among them:

  • Dynamic Replenisher Management (EV Data/Smart Grid)
  • Uniform Interconnecting and Cooling System
  • Parallel Charging for Multiple Vehicles
  • Bi-Directional Load and Source Cycler (Directing power to and from the grid)
Standards Adherence

AV’s products are designed to accommodate your business and the EVs of the new millennium. We play an active, lead role in a variety of standards organizations and are committed to the advancement of the EV movement through the creation of well defined and industry-accepted standards.

  • SAE J1772: EVSE/Level 2 connector standard
  • SAE J2847: Communications standard
  • Member, SAE J1772
  • Chair, SAE J1772 Level 3 sub-committee (Fast Charge)
  • Member, CHAdeMO



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