The Driver Portal

For drivers who purchase AV's Smart Charging Station with our optional communications module, EV Data's open data network can be a powerful tool for tracking and managing charging activity, cost of ownership, and even environmental impact.

Our Smart Charging Station can be configured to interface with wireless home networks such as:

  • WiFi
  • Zigbee
  • Power Line Communications (PLC)
  • Cellular

Once the Charging Station, wireless network, and EV Data system are configured, the EV Customer Portal allows drivers to view the information and enhance the driving and charging experience. Reports and status updates may include1:

  • Charge complete
  • Charging in progress
  • Last charge
  • Amount of energy delivered
  • Energy usage
  • CO2 impact vs. gas-powered vehicle2

The Customer Portal can also provide status and preventive maintenance alerts, as well as connect drivers to AV's Customer Support Center.

Perhaps most notably, EV Data is equipped with user controls. Our Advanced Setup and Charging Controls allow users to track and control the energy use of their EV charger, including the ability to view and react to energy consumption by the minute, hour or day and to configure their charge times to take advantage of the lowest-priced energy periods and reduce consumption during price peaks. When interfaced to one of many support Energy Service Portals (ESPs), drivers can use our Driver Portal to control and track the energy use of their entire home - as well as their EV charger.

The Asset Management Portal

Our Asset Management Portal is your business-to-business customer's one-stop control center for managing multiple electric vehicles and charging stations. Fleet managers and commercial developers and property owners can use our Asset Management Portal for a number of practical functions including:

  • Controlling charge times and usage
  • Tracking charging station usage
  • Energy consumption
  • Vehicle performance
  • Schedule/charge time adherence (fleets)
  • Charging station mapping
  • Charging station availability and statistics

Portal access is controlled by a secure password protection system, where administrative super-users can search, edit, and reset passwords for individual users; customize a full range of system preferences; and directly access AV's system support center.


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Customer-Defined Data Services1

With EV Data, drivers have more data at their fingertips than ever before. Both cleaner and smarter, EVs and EV chargers can deliver simple, actionable information to enhance the driving experience, including:

  • Vehicle charge status
  • Charge alerts
  • State of charge (SOC)
  • Driving stats
  • Payment information
  • Energy usage
  • Nearest charging location

We integrate with vehicle and utility telematics so that drivers don't have to rely only on the vehicle dashboard for information. Our services allow drivers and remote fleet managers to receive up-to-the-minute data on a handheld device and via the Web, so that practical data is always at their fingertips.

While other solutions maintain close control over user data and offer only pre-packaged data subscription services, AV provides open, flexible access to all charger data. This open access allows you and your users to customize their data - and the interface - according to their specific needs. We can build custom data solutions for all user sets, including:

  • Consumer drivers
  • Fleet managers
  • Utilities
  • OEM partners
  • Commercial users
The Building Blocks

AV provides the basic building blocks in the form of two types of information portals:

  • The Driver Portal for consumers.
  • The Asset Management Portal for business customers who manage a fleet of EVs and/or chargers. These business customers include fleet managers, utilities, and commercial developments that need to keep tabs on several banks of charging stations.

Each portal offers a large databank of menu items related to charger availability, energy use, and utility and vehicle data2 - and also offers bidirectional user controls, including remote charge control and Customer Service access. Using our basic portals as a starting point, your customers can define which data to pull from the databank, how the data is displayed, and what summary reports and metrics are needed. EV Data is easily custom-configured using our intuitive configuration interface.

1EV Data will be made available for use with all AeroVironment Level 2 and Level 3 charging solutions that are configured for wireless communications and telematics.
23rd party data such as data from utilities and vehicles are solely dependent on the availability of such data from the 3rd parties.



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