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A Legacy of Industry Leadership in Electric
Vehicle Testing

For OEMs looking to test their batteries in simulated “real-world” driving conditions, AV offers battery and vehicle testing by EV development experts using industry-leading vehicle and advanced battery testing equipment. Want to test your vehicle, battery, or battery management system (BMS) for DC fast charger interoperability? Vet your technology with the company that built its reputation on high-powered EV fast charging.

The Pedigree

AV has a long history of leadership in third-party battery testing and design. We’ve been providing customized long and short-term battery evaluation for a wide variety of chemistries since 1985. In fact, our battery simulation testing equipment has become an industry standard used by other interoperability testing facilities.

Our Lab Operations

Our dedicated 5,000 square foot lab space offers 24/7 operations, remote monitoring capability, and a full-time staff of battery, chemical, and electrical engineers, energy storage specialists and battery test technicians. We’ll customize testing to your application, validate the precise parameters you specify, or recommend state-of-the-industry parameters in conjunction with performance objectives laid out by your development team. From individual cell testing to module and battery packs and simulation of real-world driving conditions, few facilities can offer AV’s range of testing capability.

Industry-Leading Systems

AV’s battery lab utilizes state of the art testing equipment including:

  • AV900 - 250kW, voltage range 8-900VDC, current range +/- 1000A
  • AV170 - 170 kw, voltage range 8-420VDC, current range -640 to 530A
  • ABC150 - 125 kw, voltage range 8-420VDC, current range -530 to 530A
  • MT30 - 30kw, voltage range 5-120VDC, current range -500 to 500A
  • ABC5 5 - kw, voltage range 0.5-50VDC, current range -100 to 100A
  • Multi-Channel Cell Testers
  • Thermal Chambers, including Walk-in Chamber
Cell Testing Services
  • Constant current – charge and discharge
  • Peak power
  • Variable power discharge
  • Self discharge
  • Vibration testing
  • Accelerated aging
  • Cycle life testing
Module and Pack Testing Services
  • Peak power
  • Vehicle simulation
  • Charge characterization testing
  • Battery management system (BMS) testing
  • Life cycle validation
Other Services
  • Test matrix development
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Performance modeling
  • Battery forensics
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Pack and module design (electrical, mechanical, thermal)
  • Prototyping (fast battery and module development)
  • Battery pack manufacturing

From our 20 years of experience with manufacturing DC fast chargers to our 25 years of electric vehicle simulation and battery testing to our state-of-the-art testing equipment and facilities, we are committed to the development and support of your advanced electric vehicles.

EV Test Systems

The EV testing gold standard. Meet the lineup.



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