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Business Objective Alignment

The first step to a successful installation is getting our charging solutions aligned with your business objectives. We serve a number of commercial customer segments, including:

  • Shopping malls
  • “Big Box” retailers
  • Business parks and commercial campuses
  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)
  • Coffee houses and specialty food
  • Municipal attractions – parks, amusement parks, museums

Within each segment, we help our customers address a broad range of business objectives, including:

  • Increase dwell time
  • Support sustainability initiatives
  • Win competitive edge
  • Provide customer value
  • Increase job satisfaction for employees

We work with you to define what set of objectives our charging systems can achieve for you, your customers, and employees, and design a solution that’s optimized for your needs.

Application Study

Now that we know your objectives, it’s time to build your solution: how many chargers, where, and how they’re used. In order to design your custom solution we work with you to study a host of variables which may include:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Typical dwell time
  • Parking layout
  • Local demographics
  • Foot traffic
  • Possible preferred parking “rewards”
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Preferred payment structure, where applicable
  • Prevalent vehicles in local area
  • Prevalent charge protocols in local area

We'll put our systems experts and applications engineers to work to help determine your ideal system (Level 2 and/or Level 3), the number of charging ports per station (e.g. single, dual, or quad configurations based on parking layout) and the optimal locations for the charging stations.

Assessment and Installation

Once your system is configured, our assessment team will determine mechanical and electrical requirements for your installation – including trenching, mounting, and augmenting your existing service, if needed. After you’ve purchased AV’s charging system and service package, our certified commercial EV charging installers will visit your site for an efficient, thorough installation of your custom system. Included in the installation is a comprehensive training session to ensure that your assigned maintenance personnel know how to use and maintain the charging stations. And in the rare event of a system issue, our post-installation service program is dedicated to delivering on our “100% First Fix” goal to resolve all issues and get you back up and running on the first visit.

Retail / Commercial Charging Products

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