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An EV charging system from AV is a valuable, property-enhancing amenity that's also easy to maintain.

Our product and service solution is unique in our commitment to customer satisfaction, meticulous installation process, robust warranty, and state-of-the-art technology.

An Expanding Network of Certified Technicians

AV is the first manufacturer to offer the services of a large network of AV-certified and licensed electrical installers. This approach ensures professional and expedient installation services and exploits the breadth of localized permitting and code knowledge of our growing network. AV's installer network maintains a local inventory of charging units in order to speed your installation process.

AV Customer Support Starts With Site Assessment

Once you've completed your optional application study, you're ready for your electrical site assessment. At the assessment, our certified technician will:

  • Recommend The Best Products for You. Our assessor will explain the different AV product options and help you decide which products best suit your specific needs, if you haven't already explored your options in an application study. And remember - our products are durable, weather resistant, virtually maintenance free and ADA compliant.
  • Recommend Optimal Locations. You'll also receive location and layout recommendations which take into consideration the existing electrical layout, proximity to parking, aesthetic factors, and external issues such as environmental factors.
  • Review Charging Basics, Answer Questions. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly review and explain everything you need to know about your new charging system, including the simple user interface, built-in safety features, easy care, warranty, and how to reach our Customer Support team.
  • Facilitate Permitting. Our localized technicians also gather all the required information to secure the building permit with the local permit authority.
Professional, Locally-Dispatched Installation

Shortly after your Site Assessment, you'll receive a firm and detailed custom quote for the installation of your unit. Once you approve the quote, the wheels are in motion. Here's what to expect:

  • A fast appointment: because our installers maintain an inventory of equipment, you can schedule your installation right away (subject to permit process).
  • Done right the first time: Installation will be performed to the specifications established at the assessment.
  • A thorough run-through: After installation your installer will explain how to read the easy user interface, review the built-in safety features, and show you and your maintenance lead how to plug in and properly stow the connector.
  • The last detail: Your installer will coordinate final inspection with your building permit authority.
Three-Year Warranty and Full-Service Customer Support Center

The AV charging unit and its installation carry a three year limited warranty, transferrable after the sale of your property. The warranty covers proper use with the Nissan LEAF™ and other J1772-compatible vehicles. If your building should experience any issues with the charger, AV maintains a full service Customer Support Center for immediate help. Most problems can be addressed through the Customer Support Center with simple troubleshooting procedures, but our local technician network is always available if on-site service is needed.

On-The-Spot Fix or Replace: AV's Commitment to Our Customers

If for any reason a charging issue cannot be addressed through our Customer Support Center, AV will dispatch a certified local technician to service or replace the unit on the spot. AV's stated service goal is "100% First Fix," meaning we strive to solve the problem with one appointment. With the help of an industry-unique diagnostic service tool, our technicians are able to connect an installed charging station to a simulated "EV" in order to quickly pinpoint the source of the problem. Charging errors can be attributed to the utility, vehicle, charging unit, or user error. Our technicians are trained to recognize and troubleshoot each error type. If the issue is identified as a charging unit error, the technician will replace it right then and there. All of our charging stations are field-swappable and because our technician network maintains a local inventory, there's no waiting and no return visit.

No other manufacturer can offer AV's combination of advanced product, extensive installation and service network, and complete customer care.

Retail / Commercial Charging Products

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