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OEM Partnership

When you’ve made your decision to convert to an all-electric fleet, or even if you’re exploring a pilot program, AV can help you with a smooth transition. By partnering directly with your OEM we help you maintain a single point of contact to ensure delivery of a single vehicle and charger package that works reliably as a system. If your OEM’s vehicle is in the development stage, we may even partner with them to design and execute a robust battery and vehicle testing program. Or, if your EV has been proven commercially, we’ll engage your OEM for some requisite compatibility testing with either our Level 2 charging stations or our higher powered DC charging systems. And if you haven’t selected a vehicle yet – we’re happy to offer our expertise in your search for the ideal OEM partner.

Application Study

We’ll put our systems and applications engineers to work to help determine your ideal system (Level 2 or Level 3), the optimal ratio of charging stations to vehicles, charging schedule, and installation details. Typical variables include:

  • Battery size
  • Battery chemistry and charge acceptance profile
  • Shift schedule, including breaks, shift changes, and shut down
  • Energy usage between breaks, per shift, and full day
  • Vehicle utilization during 24-hour period
  • Distance driven per driver per shift per day
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • On-board charger profile
Assessment and Installation

Once a system is configured, our assessment team will determine mechanical and electrical requirements for your installation – including trenching, augmenting your existing service, and reviewing smart metering options as applicable to ensure that your fleet is keeping energy costs down.

After you’ve purchased AV’s charging system and service package, our certified commercial EV charging installers will visit your site for a fast but thorough installation of your custom system. Included in the installation is a comprehensive training session to ensure that your personnel know how to charge up and maintain their new electric vehicle and charging fleet. Our post-installation service program is dedicated to delivering on our “100% First Fix” goal to resolve all issues and get you back up and running on the first visit.

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