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Fleet vehicles are varied in size, application, and energy use, but all fleets can benefit from electrification and convenient charging infrastructure. See where you fit in.*

Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery vans and trucks operate a single day shift out of a central depot with a pre-determined delivery radius. Driving pattern, energy usage, and shift schedule are largely predictable.

Recommended charging regimen: Centralized Level 2 charging during shut down.

Commercial Shuttles

Commercial shuttles employed by hotels and rental cars typically operate out of a central depot with a fairly predictable driving pattern, trip length, and shift schedule. Commercial shuttles usually run multiple shifts, where a smaller overnight shift is sometimes employed.

Recommended charging regimen: Centralized Level 2 charging stations, potentially augmented by Level 3 DC charging depending on energy consumption during the first two shifts. Charging station to vehicle ratio may be less than 1:1 depending on overnight shift utilization. If the overnight shift is underutilized, the overnight driver(s) may switch out vehicles while they are on charge, allowing for lower-cost infrastructure.

Independent Taxi

Independent taxi cabs are an example of a distributed driving model where drivers base their businesses out of their home. A notional radius limit is determined by the driver’s willingness to travel a great distance and return for another fare. Driving patterns, energy usage, and range is fairly unpredictable, although the shifts schedules are predictable.

Recommended charging regimen: Independent cab owners should charge using their Level 2 “home” charging station, augmented by public infrastructure found at public/private charging locations where fares are picked up and dropped off – including airports, hotels (see commercial shuttles above), and retail locations.

Public Transportation

Municipal buses operate out of a central depot with a predictable driving pattern, energy usage, and trip length. Buses may have multiple shifts but usually do not employ an overnight shift.

Recommended charging regimen: Large DC fast charge stations (up to 500kW per station) at key points on the route, for example, at the beginning of the route at the parking depot, and the end of the route prior to turning back. Large DC fast chargers are required due to very large battery size and high energy usage, and location of the charger(s) in the depot and/or along the route is dependent on the route length, battery size, and other factors.

Other Fleet Types

Car rentals, car share, rental vans, and other fleet types lend themselves well to an electric makeover. While some of these fleet applications will rely on public charging infrastructure, some car “sharing” or rental fleet owners themselves may invest in strategically placed public charging infrastructure in order to support the diaspora of their clean vehicles.

*Fleet types, applications, and suggested systems and charging regimens are generalized and are meant only as preliminary recommendations. Formal application-specific system configurations will require an application and site assessment.

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